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Cat Behavior Problems?

So, my boyfriend came with a cat. We co-exist- he's one of those nice cats that just chills and you never see. Of course now I love cats, we ended…

ASKED BY Member 1219061 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED insane, aggression, peeing, biting, changes, weird, desctructive IN Aggression

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My cat suddenly turns aggresive every night and will even bite my family and I. Please help I'm worried about him?

I've had my cat ever since he was 2 weeks old. He's been sweet to everyone in my family, especially my brother and my dad. He's one year old now and…

ASKED BY Member 1217434 on 3/22/14
TAGGED aggressiveatnight, personalityswitch, personalitychanges IN Aggression


Can my cat personality change so quick?

My 2year old neutered cat has change. He used to love snuggling,headbutting me,purring,kneading on me, sleeping next to me, lick my head and hair…

ASKED BY dobby on 12/13/13
TAGGED personalychange IN Other Behavior & Training


Since daylight savings, we have had a hard time dealing with our cat in the early hours - normally 2-5am?

My 16 month old male DSH has never given us any problems with sleeping before. In September, he got very sick and we had to elect to go ahead with a…

ASKED BY Eames on 12/5/13
TAGGED night, loud, sleep, changes, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training


Very Sudden Development of Aggression Issues?

I own an 8-year-old neutered male cat named Virgil. In all of the years I've known him, he has always had a sweet, extremely affectionate, and…

ASKED BY Virgil on 6/11/13
TAGGED adult, biting, meowing, aggression, attacking, suddenchange, lonecat, behaviorchange IN Aggression

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I inherited a siamese from my son. He's comfortable with all my animals but plastic bags he loves to chew on. I try to?

keep them put away. He did get to my shredder's bag. He's throwing up food but seems to keep water down. His dark-coloured legs have become gold…

ASKED BY Member 1144433 on 12/9/12
TAGGED eatingforeignobjects, vomiting, temperature, colourchange IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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Why is my cat hissing and biting me and not wanting to be near me now that we live with my boyfriend, but is into him?

I've had my cat Nikki for 3 years. She was about 3 when I got her from friends. It has been just us until we moved in with my boyfriend and his 2 cats…

ASKED BY Member 1038651 on 12/2/12
TAGGED behaviorchange, hissing, biting, move, morecats IN Aggression

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