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Help with cat food allergies and face-scratching?

Hello, I'm new to Catster so apologies if this question has been asked and answered a 100 times. My cat appears to have severe allergies. She gets…

ASKED BY Member 1241583 1 day, 11 hours ago
TAGGED foodallergies, peas, scratching IN Health & Wellness

Macaquinho Salvador

Can I file my kitten's claws a little?

My 7-week-old (oh my, he grows fast...) is very playful. I love that, because he plays with me a lot when I'm home and not occupied, otherwise he…

ASKED BY Macaquinho Salvador 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED kitten, claws, filing, play, scratches IN Health & Safety

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My three year old cat suddenly attacked my calf earlier while i was dying my hair. Could it be the smell of the ammonia?

He's very affectionate towards myself and my other cat, so i was very concerned. He's also been pooping in the bathtub if i'm not home for extended…

ASKED BY Member 1240788 2 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED attackingseperationsmellchanges IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat wake me up early every morning?

My cat wakes us up by scratching underneath the bed at 4am every morning. He thinks it's a game and loves to be chased. He bolts out of the room…

ASKED BY Member 1240043 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED aggression, wakingup, chasing IN Other Behavior & Training

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Here is the question. My cat, who is the best cat ever, was a feral stray until I succeeded after two years to lure him?

No. My cat was feral once and how he LOVES people. 4 years ago he ran away if his saw me. Now I can barely type because he is sitting on my hands…

ASKED BY Member 1239909 on 12/31/14
TAGGED chewing IN Books & Entertainment


Help! Why is our 11 month old cat so hostile to my parents at their house?

Our cat Moet is usually very friendly. If we have new people come to our house he always goes up to them to sniff/suss them out and he lets them pat…

ASKED BY Moet on 12/22/14
TAGGED hostile, scratch, hissing IN Behavior & Training

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My cat is obsessed with chewing our TV cords?

Honey is a year and a half old and just started this about a month ago, though she's been chewing our phone cords forever. She only does it when we're…

ASKED BY Member 1238348 on 12/2/14
TAGGED chewing, cords IN Other Behavior & Training

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