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Fighting cats? Yesterday, a neighborhood kitty (pet,stray, feral IDK) perched himself on the outside of my catio?

Two of the girls are fine with it and not affected at all (Java & Espresso). However, the other two girls are at each others throats and have been…

ASKED BY Member 600250 on 5/15/13
TAGGED catsfighting IN Aggression

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I have two cats 1 of them is a Female and is only 1 year old, and the other is a male who is 3 years old They fight alot?

They fight The male is 3 years old and the female is 1 years old How can I stop them from fighting The female starts these fights

ASKED BY Member 1148448 on 1/5/13
TAGGED oldercatsfightinghowcanistop IN Kittens

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Two indoor cats, one terrorized this a.m. by a paper bag, the other now attacks him. He defecated and urinated as he ran?

We've had two indoor cats for a year, both from different families. They usually get along great or rough/play. One, Pippin, is a year old…

ASKED BY Member 927135 on 12/4/09
TAGGED indoorcatsfighting, defecating, urinatingasrunning IN Aggression