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Cattail in the cat litter?

I have a Birman (possibly mixed), medium longhair, approx. 9-12 mo. old, adopted 2 mos. ago. I've been using Dr. Elsie's Precious crystal litter for…

ASKED BY Member 1197837 on 11/5/13
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Have you mixed clumping litter with non clumping litter?

I am always looking for ways to save money that are within reason. I do use a store brand litter that is unscented and clumps really well. I like it…

ASKED BY Footless on 8/18/13
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Bijou (French for Jewel)

Anyone know how to clean the white dirty-looking residue from clumping kitty litter off of plastic carriers or plastic c?

Specifically, I use Scoop Away and Tidy Cat. I've got to wonder, if it's that hard to clean, what's it doing to the kitty's insides???

ASKED BY Bijou (French for Jewel) on 6/4/13
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Has anyone tried kitty litter pads?

The pads are made by Breathe Free. I heard they are awesome... but wanted to get more feedback before I buy them online.

ASKED BY Member 1159552 on 3/20/13
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Buy bulk litter?

anyplace to buy bulk litter. Say 500lb at a time. Brand like fresh step or similar clumping litter

ASKED BY Member 1090017 on 3/7/13
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Recently got a dog & our two 8 year old cats stopped leaving our bedroom and stopped using litter, now peeing under beds?

We own a 2 bed raised rancher style home, and initially the dog was kept down in the basement family room until she matured. she is now being let…

ASKED BY Member 1151383 on 1/22/13
TAGGED catsanddogs, cathelp, catlitter, litterbox, oldcats IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Can I make a 3 year old, declawed, indoor family cat a 24/7 outdoor cat?

Our cat has been an indoor cat since we have had her. She always used the litter box with out any problem. She recently started peeing all over…

ASKED BY Member 1040887 on 7/14/11
TAGGED catlitterbox, peeing, outdoor, indoor IN Behavior & Training

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How cat spends way too much time in the litter box, am I doing something wrong?

My cat is always in the litter box. Sometimes he will scratch around in the litter for literally hundreds of swipes of the paw, and he might do…

ASKED BY Member 1024344 on 2/22/11
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