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Cat fights between my two cats who haved known each other since kittens, What can I do?

I have two persian cats who have always been indoors, a female and a male. They have been together since they were kittens and have always had a…

ASKED BY Member 1212203 on 2/20/14
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How do I stop my larger male cat from attacking my smaller female cat?

I have two female cats that are 11 and 10 years old. Three months ago I got a 7 year old, 30 lbs. raggamuffin. I kept them apart for about a month and…

ASKED BY Member 949321 on 2/2/10
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New (much larger) cat intimidating existing cats - scraming ensues. what to do?

We just added a third cat to our household and the fighting is unbearable. The two existing cats (ages 3 & 3.5) are both spayed females (8 lbs…

ASKED BY Member 926315 on 12/2/09
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