Why is my cat completely avoiding his litter box suddenly?

Okay, so weve had my cat Graysen for almost 4 years and we never had a problem with him using his litterbox until about a year or so ago. A few…

ASKED BY Graysen 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED poopingpeeingskiddishscaredlitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Why does my kitten freak out running crazy and popping on things?

My cat luna is about 6 months old about a month ago my fiance came home and she was so scared she ran away pooped on the rug and found her way to a…

ASKED BY Member 1215114 on 3/9/14
TAGGED aggressive, scared, pooping, hissing, running IN Behavior & Training


Choice of carers when we go on holiday…

We have a lovely 8 year old rescue boy who is very sociable- loves having people around and is very chatty and is in good general health. We are…

ASKED BY Rocky on 1/26/14
TAGGED caringoptions IN Travel & Recreation

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Backpack to carry a cat around - is it safe?

I have seen these little doggie backpacks where there are little holes for the paws and tail, and the head sticks out at the top, and you can carry…

ASKED BY Member 1198149 on 1/19/14
TAGGED travel, backpack, cat, carrying, heavy IN Other Travel & Recreation

Bezalel Tiger

Scaredy cat with new small dog?

I took Bezal in when she was found abandoned at three weeks. She's a little 'slower' than the others, but very sweet. I have always wanted a dog but…

ASKED BY Bezalel Tiger on 1/7/14
TAGGED scaredcat, newdog, adjustmentprocess, hidingcat IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Help get Vinny to use his cat scratcher?

Hello all! I recently adopted a 5 year old part-siamese named Vincent. He has been an awesome addition so far. Only problem is he has taken to…

ASKED BY Member 1207004 on 1/1/14
TAGGED scratching, carpet, toys, behavior, badhabits, adult IN Behavior & Training

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