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Have you seen weight loss or physical signs of health benefits after switching your cat to a canned only diet?

I know that canned food only diets are better for a few reasons. My cat has been on canned food only for about 2 months now and I haven't seen any…

ASKED BY Member 1238259 on 11/30/14
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Cat won't poop. Should we give her chicken or canned wet food?

So my cat won't poop and she hasn't for a while. I think we should try feeding her some boiled chicken. My husband says NO that canned wet food is…

ASKED BY Member 1153765 on 2/5/13
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How much grain free canned food should I feed my two overweight cats?

I have two cats that I have recently switched to an all wet diet. We have found a grain free brand that they love, BFF by weruva, however I am not…

ASKED BY Member 1142154 on 11/25/12
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What brand of canned cat food is best for adult cats/the environment?

I'd like to know which brands (if any) both have good health benefits to cats and are produced or made in a way that is sustainable and…

ASKED BY Hobbes on 2/26/12
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My cat won't eat pate style wet food, only wet food with chunks. How can I tell if it's pate or chunky on the can?

We just adopted our cat, who was fed a raw food/dry food diet. The raw food diet is a bit too expensive for us, so we decided to try a quality canned…

ASKED BY Member 1092774 on 2/16/12
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Back biting. Flea meds have been applied. What could be the cause of this affliction?

My cat, Harry, is over 5 years old. He keeps biting a patch of his lower back and has chewed all of the hair off. He has had his flea treatments and…

ASKED BY Member 1053581 on 9/7/11
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