Can my kitty be trained to know when I'm sad?

I struggle with a couple of mental illnesses such as depression and Anxiety and I would like to know if it was possible to train my kitty to know when…

ASKED BY Selina on 7/7/15
TAGGED sad, know, train, kitty, cuddle, calm IN Methods of Training

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Tried Everything to stop Kitten from Viciously Fighting Cat HELP?

I Can't Stop Cats From Fighting, These All FAILED: 1. Rehome Cuddle, she was a stray. Turns out, no one else wanted her so I had to keep her. The…

ASKED BY Member 1229447 on 7/11/14
TAGGED cat, kitten, fighting, sentry, calm, collar, aggressive, wounds, biting, hissing, scratching, catfight, attack, humans, dogs, spayed, hunts, fear IN Aggression

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4 month old kitten acting very calm, sleepy and uninterested after vaccinations, dewormer and ear drops. Is this normal?

Hi all. My 4 month old kitten has been acting very sleepy, calm and uninterested in the things she typically enjoys. She is usually a very active…

ASKED BY Member 1154878 on 2/12/13
TAGGED kitten, vaccines, behavior, calm, sleepy, dewormed, uninterested IN Health & Wellness


Why does my kitten Casper like me but always scratch my friends even though they've know him for a pretty long time?

Well..... Casper is always friendly with me but whenever my friends come he scratches them and bites all the time. When I pick him up he is very…

ASKED BY Casper on 12/1/09
TAGGED myfriends, me, scratching, biting, calm IN Socialization

Indiana Angel Cat

Has anyone had immediate changes in their cat after plugging in a Feliway diffuser?

I had bought one almost a yr ago and never refilled it because I wasn't sure if my cat's calmer behavior was due to spay surgery, and because the…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 9/25/09
TAGGED chasing, feliway, calmer, crazy IN Other Behavior & Training

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Very Calm 9 month old kitten?

I've adopted a 5 month old kitten from the county shelter he is now about 9 months and am concerned by how calm and mellow he is. Not very active or…

ASKED BY Member 808866 on 2/26/09
TAGGED calmkitten IN Health & Wellness

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I would like to MILDLY and SAFELY sedate my cat before vet visits?

she is an indoor cat, so all outside distractions make her very nervous and she cries constantly. she weighs 9 lbs. so i am very hesitant because i…

ASKED BY Member 797385 on 1/27/09
TAGGED calm, nervous, cat, goingtovet IN Fears & Phobias

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