What should I do for my cat's 1st birthday?

My cat Tigger is turning 1 on Febuary 9th, which also happens to be the same birthday as my daughter who is turning 8. I already got my daughter's…

ASKED BY Tigger on 2/2/13
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I am a cute kitty cat and my mommy is throwing me a small party what games can we play? *read details?

my mommy is throwing me a small party with her 2 friends. my mommy is wondering what games we can play? also she wants to make a cake thats safe for…

ASKED BY Mia on 12/28/10
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Midnight  & SpiderCat

Our B-day is comming soon?

Our mommy wants to bake us a cake and she wants to start on precticing on how to make it, does any body knows a recipe so my our momy can bake one for…

ASKED BY Midnight & SpiderCat on 1/29/09
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