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Please help me to take the best care of my Cullen without upsetting him?

Any advice or tips welcome. My cat loves playing outside but he has injured his pelvis/leg and the vet has told me I have to keep him in 1 room…

ASKED BY Member 1259562 on 5/5/16
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How to keep a cat who is on cage-rest happy?

My cat is on three weeks of cage-rest restrictions for a broken pelvis. Saw the vet 4 days ago, will follow up with the vet in 1 1/2 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1046708 on 8/18/11
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I'm moving soon and have a cage-adverse kitty. She's also quite wild (was feral). Our last move 2 years ago, I had an in?

I was thinking of taking her earlier and putting her in the new apartment bathroom but should I just cage her and take her with me during the move…

ASKED BY Marvel on 7/4/10
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