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My beautiful burmese siblings of the opposite sex all of a sudden are not getting along what do I do?

my burmese cats are siblings and they have ALWAYS been close with each other and me. They both would curl up on my bed with me and are very loving…

ASKED BY Member 1230262 on 7/25/14
TAGGED fighting, eachother, hissing, upset, siblings, burmese IN Aggression

Holly Weilhammer

Why are Tiffanys now considered Burmese?

Tiffanys wern't even bred from Burmese to begin with nor do they look alike.. TICA told me that they were the same thing. This can not possibly be…

ASKED BY Holly Weilhammer on 1/24/12
TAGGED burmese, tiffany, chantilly, tica IN Chantilly/Tiffany

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My 2 year old Burmese, chews and scratches to get attention - how can I slow her down?

she'll chew on my laptop, scratch or chew furniture and attack shades if I'm around and not playing with her. I like to play with her, but…

ASKED BY Member 543314 on 8/11/09
TAGGED scratch, chew, notaffectionate, burmese IN Behavior & Training


Options on which breed my cat is?

Though breed doesn't matter much to me, I was just wondering if anyone had a strong option on what breed Midnight is. I wasn't sure if she was a pure…

ASKED BY Midnight on 3/24/09
TAGGED bombaybreedburmese IN Breeds

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Any ideas in what could be wrong with our Burmese?

He was a rescue cat and since we've had him has always eaten things he shouldn't - plastic, rubber etc. He's also always been a fighter and is in…

ASKED BY Member 816271 on 3/16/09
TAGGED burmese, pica, aggression IN Other Health & Wellness

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Burmese trilling?

Thanks Lela, but my cat doesn't drive me mad. She trills for the sheer joy of living and it rises to a crescendo when she is on my lap. She doesn't…

ASKED BY Member 787013 on 1/4/09
TAGGED trilling, burmese, kittens IN Kittens

Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov

Am I "Sable"?

I'm a lovely dark brown colour, as you can clearly see.. but I dont know if this colour is called Sable or Mink or what..!

ASKED BY Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov on 8/11/08
TAGGED tonkinese, burmese, brown, sable, mink IN Tonkinese

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