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What breed is my cat? She has four white paws?

I'm thinking she's a domestic short hair. She has four white paws, green eyes, and is calico. She's super friendly, loves cuddling and belly rubs.

ASKED BY Mr. Cat on 8/13/14
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Greetings! What's a good breed to pair with a Ragdoll? Not for breeding purposes but as a companion? Thanks in advance?

Any input would be appreciated. My Ragdoll is a 3 month old kitten.

ASKED BY Member 1227438 on 5/24/14
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Shouldn't Yuki already be in heat?

Yuki is already 7 months old, nearly 8 and she should be going into heat soon, right? I've seen kittens as young as 4 or 5 months go into heat but…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/31/13
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What kind of breed do you think my cat is?

I'm not sure what breed of cat,my Waffles is,her mom is a "Bengal" but I'm not even sure if she is,because her mom looks more like a spotted…

ASKED BY Waffles on 10/17/13
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What to do if I want to update the list of my cats, but I can't because there aren't the breed of them?

My cats are Kurilian (Kurilean) Bobtail breed. There are some breed that I hear & see for the first time, but as I was looking over & over for my…

ASKED BY Member 1104138 on 6/18/13
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