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Is it a snowshoe?

6 months ago I adoppted a cat but i never knew what breed it is. Recently I discovered the description of the Snowshoe breed. My cat fits in all the…

ASKED BY Member 1229288 2 weeks, 4 days ago
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   Toki Wartooth

Does anyone have an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

We found Toki when she was just a 4-week-old kitten, lost and alone, so we really have no idea what her parents might have looked like. Almost a year…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/16/14
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   Toki Wartooth

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

She has slightly tufted ears (not on top so much, but inside), tufted paws, long thick fur, and a long fluffy tail. Her paws seems pretty small…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/9/14
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Greetings! What's a good breed to pair with a Ragdoll? Not for breeding purposes but as a companion? Thanks in advance?

Any input would be appreciated. My Ragdoll is a 3 month old kitten.

ASKED BY Member 1227438 on 5/24/14
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What breed/mix could I be?? Help, please?

We've looked around a bit at all of the different breeds, and it has been hard trying to pinpoint. With my all white fur, and silvery blue (more…

ASKED BY Norman on 12/12/13
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