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6wk kit on 0.2ml 2xd, seems allergic - drool, mouth breathing, eyes swollen, etc. Withold dose until I can talk to vet?

I have a 6wk kitten that I got after the SPCA he was at had a fire. We were emergency fosters but have decided to adopt him. The fire was Monday…

ASKED BY Member 1248915 on 7/5/15
TAGGED sixweeks, smokeinhalation, antiinflammatory, clavamox, drooling, sneezing, mouthbreathing, swolleneyes IN Health & Safety

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Cat having odd symptoms, possible stroke, vet doesn't know what's wrong, anyone experience these symptoms?

Few days ago my cat choked on her dry food twice in one day to the point that I had to hit her side to force the food out. Next day her left eye…

ASKED BY Member 1245368 on 4/17/15
TAGGED stroke, neurologicalissues, twitching, mouthbreathing, oddsymptoms IN Health & Wellness

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I feel like my cat (female, 12 yo, recently adopted) is breathing rapidly?

She doesn't appear to be in any pain, and she's behaving totally normally otherwise. She was just lying in bed next to me. I could also hear her…

ASKED BY Member 1243677 on 3/12/15
TAGGED breathing IN Senior Pet

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My seven month old kitten is making strange noises?

My seven month old kitten Taco just began to go in heat. Right after that she also began to pee in random places, the tub, the couch and the corner of…

ASKED BY Member 1194166 on 10/13/13
TAGGED sick, runnynose, glossyeyes, weirdbreathing IN Health & Wellness

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Harsh and ragged breathing noises. Pace fine but sound is concerning?

im very concerned for my cat who in the past couple days has developed breathing that sounds like harsh and ragged breathing. she recently had bad…

ASKED BY Member 1189196 on 9/9/13
TAGGED catbreathingsickhelp IN Health & Wellness

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How can I help my cat who suffers from chronic upper respiratory infection?

My rescued kitten had pneumonia, followed by a major bout with the caleci virus after a trip to the vet for the pneumonia. She was in isolation for…

ASKED BY Member 1187386 on 8/27/13
TAGGED chronicupperrespiratoryinfection, calecivirus, breathingdifficulties IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why does my 4 month kitten breathe slightly loud when she purrs (happy purrs) but otherwise breathe completely normally?

her behaviour is completely fine and she eats and plays says its nothing....its literally only when she purrs that i hear her…

ASKED BY Member 1181324 on 7/19/13
TAGGED breathing IN Kittens


Is my cat wheezing or congested?

My kitten has been fighting a URI for nearly a month now. He's sneezing often and now his breathing is noisy. When I get close, I can hear a whistling…

ASKED BY West on 3/2/13
TAGGED uri, wheezing, whistle, breathing IN Health & Wellness

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