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Urgent! A stray cat gave birth in our garden about 12 weeks ago and now she gave birth again half an hour ago BUT?

Now the mom is breastfeeding the older ones and not the new borns!! I'm scared she might leave her newborns! Is it normal for her to leave her…

ASKED BY Member 1230113 on 7/23/14
TAGGED newborns, momleavingherkittens, olderkittens, urgent IN Kittens

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Can't find my cat that is in labor but I found one of the kittens?

My year old cat is pregnant and she gave birth to a kitten and didn't chew is placenta off. I found the kitten with my male cat just in the middle…

ASKED BY Member 1181048 on 7/18/13
TAGGED breeding, newbornkittens, pregnant, lifeordeath IN Kittens

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Premature Pooping?

I know that newborn kittens generally require a mother's help to pee or poop, but we have a kitten that's no more than a week old, and he's doing it…

ASKED BY Member 1106116 on 4/16/12
TAGGED kittens, potty, pooping, newborn IN Health & Safety

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What Can I do to get my older Cat to stop hissing at me now that we have a kitten in the house?

My cat has been extremely upset with me. We just added a new kitten in the household and She hates the cat. I tried socializing them in the living…

ASKED BY Member 1073580 on 11/28/11
TAGGED kitten, new, hiss, hissing, mad, angry, oldercat, oldcat, stuborn IN Behavior & Training

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I just found a baby kitten it looks to be about 5 to 7 days old. I'm really unsure of what to do?

I tried looking up what to feed it but baby formula seems like a terrible idea. So I fed it some Pedialyte till I can get some kitten milk…

ASKED BY Member 1036079 on 6/3/11
TAGGED babykitten, newborn, help, rescue, kitten IN Other Adoption & Rescue

Momo (1/2/08 - 8/3/11)

Transporting newborn kittens?

Hi everyone, I responded to an ad where someone is seeking an immediate home for her momma cat & newborn kittens because they are moving. I'd…

ASKED BY Momo (1/2/08 - 8/3/11) on 5/5/11
TAGGED newbornkittens, transport IN Health & Safety

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My 6 day old kittens didn't gain as much weight today as yesterday or the day before. Is something wrong with the queen?

My Persian Queen had 5 kittens six days ago. They were a bit premature but we pulled through and all are fine. Even the one who was born1.68 oz is now…

ASKED BY Member 446667 on 4/2/11
TAGGED kittens, nursing, kitten, queen, milk, temperature, birthing, birth, newborn, premature IN Kittens

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