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Should I adopt a second cat?

I have an almost 3 year old fixed female. She has been in a house with another cat, 13 yr old male, and a dog since I adopted her as a kitten. I…

ASKED BY Member 1231682 on 8/11/14
TAGGED secondcat, lonely, adoption, bored IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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How to talk husband into getting another kitten?

I recently rescued a female kitten that the vet estimated to be about 10 weeks old now. She won my husband over and is now apart of our family. I…

ASKED BY Member 1199023 on 11/12/13
TAGGED kitten, lonely, bored IN Kittens

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Should I walk my cats?

I adopted two little kitties from a family friend and they are both spayed and up to date on their shots. I want to keep their lives as interesting…

ASKED BY Member 1186887 on 8/23/13
TAGGED play, obese, fun, boredom, walking, outdoors, strays IN Exercise

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Our 2yr old cat is stressed and not interested in anything but outside. Does he need a friend?

Our cat is 2yrs old we got him from my Fiance's mom whom found him as a baby, nursed him back to health, and then declawed him in the front. She ended…

ASKED BY Member 1167601 on 4/28/13
TAGGED nonplayful, bored, kittyfriend IN Behavior & Training

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Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats?

Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats? My newly adopted shelter kitten was having a blast with all of her new toys, cozy beds and hiding spots in…

ASKED BY Member 1165807 on 4/18/13
TAGGED toxicplants, nontoxicplants, grass, grasses, staugustinegrass, boredkitten, kittygarden, bringingtheoutdoorsinside IN Health & Wellness


I am moving from a large house into a one bedroom apartment?

I am moving from a large house into a one bedroom apartment. My orange tabby has spent his whole 1.5 year long life in the huge house, with 2 other…

ASKED BY Zedd on 1/20/13
TAGGED moving, move, bored IN Other Behavior & Training

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Does my little hyperactive hurricane need a new home?

I have two cats, one was a stray when we adopted him so he is estimated to be between 2-4 years old. He is very VERY relaxed. The other is a little…

ASKED BY Member 1134752 on 10/8/12
TAGGED hurricane, hyperactive, poop, pottytraining, fix, bored, female, carpet IN Behavior & Training

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Cat is always hungry, eats things off the floor constantly?

My cat appears to be always hungry. I usually feed her a 1/3 of a cup of dry food in the morning and a quarter or a half of a can of wet food in…

ASKED BY Member 1116253 on 6/18/12
TAGGED food, boredom, hunger, hungry IN Pet Food

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