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What is the process of kitten eye color changes?

Ok so I hi guys! I'm new and have just adopted a kitten that is now between 8-10 weeks old. He weighs 2 lbs. Anyways, when I got him they said he…

ASKED BY Member 1242436 on 2/15/15
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Still Blue Eyes?

MY cousin's friend's neighborer's cat got pregnant when someone broke into the house and she got out through the window. She had three kittens, and…

ASKED BY In Memory Of Nila P on 8/1/13
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I have a kitty that has blue eyes. His pupils are dark red and glow red in the dark. Part albino? Medical condition?

Hello there! I just got a kitty that has blue eyes. He seems like a strange mix of tabby, calico (I know.. calicos are normally female), himalayan…

ASKED BY Moustachio on 5/31/12
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What cat do i have?

it is white with blue eyes. Not sure if i can be any more specific

ASKED BY Member 1108879 on 5/2/12
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Medium hair flamed point & blue eyes?

any idea what breed/mix my cat could be. He looks like a ragdoll/ragamuffin or even a maine coone/siamese mix... He is around 14lbs, medium long…

ASKED BY Member 1102743 on 3/28/12
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Jack Frost

Is my kitten a purebred Himalayan?

This little furbaby came to live with us Christmas 2011. I was told he was purebred Himalayan (Seal-Lynx Point). The only think that has me doubting…

ASKED BY Jack Frost on 12/29/11
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Baby Wilson

Identity Crisis!! What breed (or mix) do I "look" like?? Please take a look at my profile and gimmie a hint..…

I have read through a few of these "type" of questions...and no, I did not buy this little guy from a I guess technically he is not…

ASKED BY Baby Wilson on 4/17/09
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Any fosters in middle georgia?

I recently was forced to give up my "kitty boy",a male Siamese mix when my landlord said either get rid of the cat or get an eviction notice.So a…

ASKED BY Member 632810 on 6/10/08
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