Russian blue and British short pure breed?

Hello, We've recently got two new family members, bought as pure breeds : - Kupo, our Russian blue - Moogle, our British short I've made cat…

ASKED BY Kupo on 11/9/14
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Would a Russian blue male get along with a Russian blue female?

Are Russian blues males get along with Russian blue females when she is fixed does she spray

ASKED BY Jerseyboy-charlie on 12/11/13
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In Memory Of Nila P

Still Blue Eyes?

MY cousin's friend's neighborer's cat got pregnant when someone broke into the house and she got out through the window. She had three kittens, and…

ASKED BY In Memory Of Nila P on 8/1/13
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Alllergy question?

My grandmother is very allergic to cats. She is living alone and the last time she handled a cat was when she was 17. we are looking at russian blue…

ASKED BY Member 1167631 on 4/28/13
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I recently adopted a pure bred Blue and white Persian. how do I enter her in a cat show?

both her parents are registered with CFA and have a long history of perfect features. What documents do I need to enter her in cat shows?

ASKED BY Member 1160870 on 3/24/13
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I am a photographer and work most of the days. I am stuck between getting a Ragdoll kitten and a Russian Blue kitten?

I would be able to come home once or twice during the work day depending on my schedule, but other than that, I live in a decent sized apartment and…

ASKED BY Member 1149696 on 1/12/13
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I have yellow eyes, my owner thinks i am a Russian Blue. I look like I have socks,HELP?

My name is Lucy Lobo,I might be a Russian blue, My owner Is Really Excited because she is Russian,and We have a dog! (YUCK!!) im 5 months old,Please…

ASKED BY Member 1137875 on 10/27/12
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Hello everyone, I adopted a male Russian Blue (at least that is what I think he is) about a year ago. Marking problems?

My male kitten has been, since he was about 6 months old, urinating on bath rugs in front of the bath tubs, soaking them with urine. He uses the…

ASKED BY Member 1122691 on 7/26/12
TAGGED russianblue, kittens, markingandspraying IN Behavior & Training

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