Sydney Romeo

My Cat developed a blood clot in his right back leg which he is dragging?

Vet said there is nothing we can do and I am so afraid since the vet said he could have another clot after he gets through this one and chances were…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo on 12/26/14
TAGGED emergency, health, illness, bloodclots IN Illness & Disease

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Help! My cat's eyes are swollen and oozing blood?

Is she dying? Or is she poisoned, or is it a battle wound? I don't know, however could you tell me how to help her? I'll try putting chamomille tea on…

ASKED BY Member 1238164 on 11/29/14
TAGGED eyes, swelling, blood, poison, eye IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat's foot is bleeding. I need advice?

Today, for the second time in about a month, I have discovered that my cat's back foot is bleeding around one of her nails. It doesn't seem like…

ASKED BY Member 1226905 on 5/14/14
TAGGED nails, claws, bleeding, blood, behavior, missing, cat, help, nail, claw, foot, feet IN Behavior & Training

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My cat is nice around my feet but will claw my hands (8 months)?

My cat is 8 months and I've raised her from a kitten to where she is now. Very loving cat but I can never be around her because of an odd issue I have…

ASKED BY Member 1209009 on 1/11/14
TAGGED claw, handslegs, loving, months, claws, blood, trust, issue IN Separation Anxiety


My cat keeps bleeding out of his paw, what treatment do I give him? I need help, ASAP?

It's a really, really deep cut. I tried everything and he just keeps bleeding. I need help, ASAP!

ASKED BY Ashy on 11/30/13
TAGGED pawblood IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat has fleas which won't go, and I have used recommended shoes to stop him scratching which made his feet swell help?

My cat has fleas which I cannot get rid of. I have tried everything and they will not go. I am assuming he is allergic as he has lost all fur on his…

ASKED BY Member 1201297 on 11/25/13
TAGGED cat, fleas, swollenfeet, blood, hairloss, wounds, excessivegrooming, constantscratching, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness


Strange growth/discoloration on the cornea of his eye?

I was looking at my cat's eye earlier and noticed that he had a discoloration in the cornea of his eye. It's a blood red color about the size of a bb…

ASKED BY Thor on 10/26/13
TAGGED eye, discoloration, cornea, bb, bloodred, damage, cat IN Other Health & Wellness

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Help! Need to give my unhappy cat a flea bath.…

Help! I need to give my miserable cat (yes, I know that sounds terrible but she was so awesome as a kitten and I got her because she was so friendly…

ASKED BY Member 1194706 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bath, fleas, bloodshed IN Bathing

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