How do I find out if my kitten is a maine coon?

I know people ask this question often, and I apologize I had to be another one! Booker is six weeks old (vet verified) and they weighed him in at…

ASKED BY Booker on 11/16/14
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Do you know about Cheap hunting Adventure?

Fighting sharks from the beach, and taking on a whole bunch of other species too.

ASKED BY Member 1230613 on 10/4/14
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Opinion on my cat's breedp?

When we found him at the vets office we adopted him. He was ferel but over the years he has calmed down, but still hides. He is 11 yrs old and has…

ASKED BY Member 1155190 on 3/4/13
TAGGED mainecoon, bigcats, breed IN Maine Coon

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My daughter brought home a new kitten she was fine when she brought her she tried nursing and still tries to nurse from?

kitten has big lumps on her chest they dont bother her but is this from trying to nurse from older female cat that isnt her mother is she getting…

ASKED BY Member 1125738 on 8/14/12
TAGGED biglumps, kittenhealth IN Health & Safety


Moving out! Any advice?

My husband and I are moving out to my mom house during the time our house is being build (one year). We have two cute kittens (both male neutered…

ASKED BY Quindim on 7/20/11
TAGGED moving, dog, anxiety, newhouse, biggerhouse, stress, cat IN Socialization

Mr. Big (Angel)

How do I make a rainbow bridge for my dead cat?

My old cat Mr. Big passed away a few months ago and it's really sad. However, I would like to create a rainbow bridge for him. Please help.

ASKED BY Mr. Big (Angel) on 8/28/10
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I'm moving overseas. Flying with large cat on JetBlue, will they check to see if he is over the weight/size limit?

Do they weigh your cat and carrier? Do the gate agents or check-in agents inspect your pet to see if he is too big etc? Or will they just look at…

ASKED BY Member 1000628 on 8/15/10
TAGGED travel, airplane, jetblue, bigcat IN Travel & Recreation

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