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Is a lump under her spay scar normal? She got spayed 2 months ago?

My cat, Cleo. Got spayed 2 months ago. The scar now has a small marble size lump under it. It doesn't appear to bother her but I am still worried…

ASKED BY Member 1227902 on 6/2/14
TAGGED lump, spay, spayscar, belly, stomach, help IN Other Health & Wellness


Is my kitten's pot belly normal?

I have recently taken in a three week old abandoned kitten. I've been feeding her milk replacer from a bottle; about 2 teaspoons four times a day…

ASKED BY Hootie on 8/25/13
TAGGED potbelly, feeding, kitten IN Food & Nutrition

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Pregnant cat stomach drop early?

My cat has been showing all of the symptoms of being pregnant for about 3 weeks now. Her stomach seems to have "dropped" since about a week ago. Is it…

ASKED BY Member 1179734 on 7/11/13
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What's wrong with our cat? Is he going to make our other cat sick?

Our neighbor threw this cat out a few days ago and we took him in. We don't have the money to see a vet right now, but i'm concerned that something is…

ASKED BY Member 1156192 on 2/20/13
TAGGED eaingalot, sleepingalot, foulsmellingurine, swollenbelly IN Illness & Disease

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1 of my kittens has a little sack on her belly is this something to worry about she is about 5/6 months old?

my 6 month old kitten has a sack on her belly what is it

ASKED BY Member 1041147 on 7/16/11
TAGGED sackbellykitten IN Health & Safety

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Cat is appr 63 days pregnantShe jumped from kitchen counter & kind of landed on her belly Do you think the babies r ok?

To clarify, we aren't sure of exact conception date. She ran out of the house during a heat and was gone for days, right before our local…

ASKED BY Member 651478 on 6/15/10
TAGGED catpregnancy, cattriedtojumpoffcounterbutlandedonbellyarekittensok, pregnantcat, pregnantcatungainly, kittensinutero IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my 8 week old male kitten have what appears to be an outie belly button? is this normal?

my daughter told me his mother has the same thing but i'm not positive. i've never seen this before and have had many cats in my life. help!

ASKED BY Member 989729 on 6/1/10
TAGGED outiebellybutton IN Health & Wellness

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