I use to have a cat and she would pee and poop every where. And now are new kitten is using the bathroom n same spots?

I can't get the kitten to stop using the bathroom behind he couch. It's not all the time but it's enough to where it needs to stop. I have a one…

ASKED BY Sketch on 5/6/14
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Cat is recently erratic with his bathroom habits. Ive lost almost all hope and don't want to get rid of him. Please Help?

My cat (1 year old) has only recently begun to pee outside the box (50% of the time) and poo in other areas of the house (25% of the time). The…

ASKED BY Member 1186823 on 8/23/13
TAGGED litter, pee, poop, bathroom IN Behavior & Training

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Odd behavior. Bathroom issue?

My cat loves to be scratched on his butt (well, his back, right by his tail) but over the past day or so, whenever I go to scratch him there, he…

ASKED BY Member 1182550 on 7/26/13
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My cat uses and sleeps in his litter box. Then he will come in and deposit feces on a bed or by a door. Suggestions?

We inherited this cat from mom. He never fit in the already cat &dog family and marked as well as urinated and pooped on beds and other soft areas…

ASKED BY Member 1146217 on 12/21/12
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My cat pisses and pooped in the bathroom sink and in the bathroom tub, what can i do?

ASKED BY Member 1120676 on 7/14/12
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My male cat likes to pee and poo an the bathtub. Why is this?

I have 4 cats who are both indoor and outdoor pets. 1 male and 3 females. We hafve 2 litter boxes. One of the females spends most of her time…

ASKED BY Member 1119202 on 7/5/12
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Why does my cat not want to socialize, unless I am in the bathroom?

I have 3 manx cats, a 2.5 years old rescued female and 2 of her kittens (just over a 1.5 years old). The kittens were born in our home. Mommy cat…

ASKED BY Member 1102475 on 3/27/12
TAGGED bathroom IN Socialization

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