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Cat Balding? Need advice?

My 11 year old male cat has starting balding. I'm not sure what's causing it, there aren't any sores or scabs, just clean skin exposed. He doesn't…

ASKED BY Member 1231309 on 8/7/14
TAGGED balding IN Health & Wellness

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Cat looks skinny and has hair loss on its back legs and around its back area. What's going on?

ASKED BY Member 1155514 on 2/16/13
TAGGED food, fur, bald IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has a bald belly and appears to be excessively licking at herself. It appears to be allergy related?

My 6yr old cat who's a bit neurotic at times has a licking problem. We moved about 6 months ago and her lower abdomin has always had very short hair…

ASKED BY Member 1044893 on 7/10/12
TAGGED licking, allergies, bald IN Allergies

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What breed of cat has long hair in winter that goes bald each spring in large patches, then grows in short hair?

Balding cat: my 2yr old long haired cat sheds all his hair in Spring. It peels off in large hair mats that leave huge bald spots with nothing but…

ASKED BY Member 1114434 on 6/6/12
TAGGED bald, longhair, balding IN Breeds

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So, my three month old kitten has a bald spot under her chin?

I adopted her from a shelter, and they told me that she was totally healthy. No worms, fungus, fleas or diseases. The only thing was that she was…

ASKED BY Member 1111445 on 5/18/12
TAGGED baldspot, kitten IN Health & Safety

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My new kitten has bald spots on her toe and appears to be scabbing. It's also on her back ankle and close to tip of tail?

It's really scaring me to tears because it might be too much to afford to fix. She itched at it when she was a baby, she's about 4 weeks now. I pray…

ASKED BY Member 1108019 on 4/27/12
TAGGED bald, hairless, kitten IN Skin Problems

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