Patches-At the Rainbow Bridge

What are all the other badges available? The Rainbow Bridge one is self-explanatory, and I've placed it on 1 kit?

What are the others, though? "Together" "Cat Breed Gamer" .. "TruPanion" ??? Thanks for clarifying...

ASKED BY Patches-At the Rainbow Bridge on 11/13/09
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Puff (Rainbow Bridge)

How and where do I obtain a 'Rainbow Bridge' badge for my page? I am a Rainbow Bridge kitty?

This cat's page is listed to show it as an example.

ASKED BY Puff (Rainbow Bridge) on 7/27/09
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kaya skye

How do i get my kittens on one forum badge? do i have to set up a kaya skye n shyloh page?

so many times i post in a forum and it really concerns both kittens...they belong to several groups together. i would like to have the option of…

ASKED BY kaya skye on 1/21/08
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