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Found a kitten this morning?

Found a kitten this morning, 3-4 months old. Seems healthy but cries a lot and her breath smells onion-ey. Anything I should be concerned about…

ASKED BY Member 1089129 on 5/14/14
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How to deal with my dental plaque?

Hello Catster friends, I am new to this place, have just registered today with my kitty brother Schrödinger. I am posting because as a 7 years old…

ASKED BY Chiqui on 11/17/13
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I have a 2 yr old cat, healthy (per vet) clean teeth, but HORRIBLE breath. Any ideas how to stop it?

She has been to the vet and her teeth are clean with no mouth sores, but she has the worst breath I've ever smelled on a cat. She's the right weight…

ASKED BY Member 1136290 on 10/17/12
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I have a stray cat and he's about a year old and he's never had his shots. Which ones does he need? Also he has really b?

Also he has loss of appetite, we have had to feed him through a spoon and the same thing with water to keep him hydrated. He seems kind of sad. is…

ASKED BY Member 854604 on 7/14/09
TAGGED badbreath, lossappetite, teething IN Illness & Disease

Howie (1999-2014)

Why does my breath stink?

Meowmy can't stand my bad breath! The mean doctor guy looked in my mouth, and said my teeth and gums are fine, and says I just have fishy breath, and…

ASKED BY Howie (1999-2014) on 2/18/09
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rhymon pearle hedges-come home

Kitten halitosis?

this may seem minor, but the last kitten i had with bad breath died when she was less than a year and a half. rhymon's breath isn't as foul as…

ASKED BY rhymon pearle hedges-come home on 10/29/08
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Our 2yr male has really bad breath and tried to brush with brush and finger brush - gums immediately started to bleed?

He eats Iams hard food and seems to have no problem.

ASKED BY Member 710252 on 8/18/08
TAGGED whatcausesbadbreath IN Health & Wellness

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