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I have 3 cats, and it seems that any attention or playing that I give to them is ever enough?

Cats: Thor: 10 years old, Russian Blue Mix, shelter rescue Phoenix: 5 years old, Seal Point Siamese, had him since he came out of his mother who I…

ASKED BY Member 1246252 on 5/6/15
TAGGED attention IN Separation Anxiety

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My cat has started to behave strangely at night. Any guesses as to what's going on?

We don't have a cat flap in use at the moment (thanks to a stray getting in) so my cat has to claw at the door to be let out. The system works well…

ASKED BY Member 1243124 on 3/1/15
TAGGED nighttime, attention, outdoor IN Other Behavior & Training

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2 year old cat is desperate to play interactively 24/7, despite plenty of attention and playtime?

Hello, everyone. I recently adopted my first cat and I love him. He is a 2-year-old cat-mutt who is very social. My issue is that he wants to play all…

ASKED BY Member 1208604 on 1/9/14
TAGGED attention, play, meowing IN Behavior & Training

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Is my cat peeing on my bed because I don't give him on the spot attention?

My cat Bobo is about 6 months old and is neutered. Recently he has started peeing on my bed. Within the past month, he has peed on the bed three times…

ASKED BY Member 1200977 on 11/23/13
TAGGED peeing, bed, pee, pees, at, night, lack, of, attention IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Kitten meows nonstop when we shut the door behind us?

Whether one of us is leaving the apartment to go to work or just going into the kitchen to get a glass of water, our 3-6 month old kitten meows…

ASKED BY Member 1196856 on 10/30/13
TAGGED doors, meowing, crying, attention, separationanxiety IN Behavior & Training

Luna Skye

My 21/2 yr old rescued kitty had been thru alot then she was fostered for 6 mos by a great foster family ....she lays ne?

How can I get hervto trust me more or enjoy being loved, held, petted or sit on my lap ..any kind of attention would be nice?!! Also why does she ONLY…

ASKED BY Luna Skye on 5/14/13
TAGGED play, attention, lap, noholding, obsessed IN Behavior & Training


Why is my cat such an attention hog?

My cat always wants my attention. She also is literally in my face. For example, it's not enough for her to be on my lap. She wants to lay on my…

ASKED BY Daisy on 4/13/13
TAGGED behavior, attention IN Separation Anxiety

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