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Cat Cough?

Hello, My cat has this weird daily cough. It also seems to be triggered by exercise. If she gets too hyper and runs around a bit, she'll soon stop…

ASKED BY Member 989713 on 11/24/13
TAGGED asthma, cough IN Illness & Disease


What signs in blood testings confirm an asthma in cats?

I have taken my cat to the vet and he made a blood testing because it`s having respiratory problems. He told me my cat has the top of the normal rank…

ASKED BY Miau on 9/12/13
TAGGED asthma, allergies, bloodtests, signs IN Allergies

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Panting cat = asthma?

My most active kitten has started open-mouth panting (tongue hanging out, too) during sessions of running and chasing his siblings. He is probably the…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 12/28/12
TAGGED asthma, panting, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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A cat with asthma (evident by coughing attacks) now just shivers periodically. Any idea why, what cause or how to help?

5 year old cat diagnosed with asthma very sporadically. Started using prednisone to control attacks. Now use flovent. Was giving Flovent daily until…

ASKED BY Member 1115129 on 6/11/12
TAGGED asthma, shivers, shivering, coughing IN Health & Wellness

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How to get cat with asthma to eat?

She has lost 1.5 pounds of 8 pounds. Xrays show her lungs are scared. She goes to her food, and puts her muzzle on it to try, but does not eat. We…

ASKED BY Member 1102249 on 3/26/12
TAGGED asthma, allergies, noteating, notdrinking IN Allergies

Orange Ruffy

Best litter for cat with asthma?

Help! My cat has asthma. We have moved to a small apartment, and at first we used Worlds Best. All our cats, including him, liked that, however, we…

ASKED BY Orange Ruffy on 8/4/10
TAGGED bestlitterforkittyasthma IN Allergies

Jules Ambrose Edison

Help with diagnosing?

I have aleady been to the vet 3 times, but I seem to stay sick. I am a 7 month old DSH. I have always been underweight and underdeveloped compared to…

ASKED BY Jules Ambrose Edison on 9/16/09
TAGGED earinfection, bladdercyctitis, asthma, outdoors, sick IN Illness & Disease

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My mom has allergies and a stray who leaves much dander. What helps aside from cleaning alot?

I have always had cats and learn alot from them but this allergy problem has me concerned because my mom is 76 w/ severe allergies but she can't let…

ASKED BY Member 793114 on 4/13/09
TAGGED allergies, asthma, dander, products, brushing IN Home Grooming

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