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My cat got some "arthritis hot deep penetration pain relief cream" in her mouth?

She got a small, thin amount on her mouth and my mom wiped it out. She started creating like a very thick saliva and spiting it. I was trying to…

ASKED BY Member 1214572 on 3/6/14
TAGGED cat, swallow, arthritiscream, emergency, water, swallowing, swallowed IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud

Would a raised dish help my older cat eat more?

I'm Molly. I'm "about 10" (a lady never tells!) with early signs of kidney failure, and my carer is concerned that I might have something called…

ASKED BY Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud on 2/1/13
TAGGED seniorpet, arthritis, feeding, jointpain, eatinghabits IN Senior Pet

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CAn I give my 13 year old cat glucosimine for joint stiffness?

My 13 year old male cat cries in pain when I pick him up. He also seems to walk stiffly. I know he is not injured.

ASKED BY Member 1098209 on 3/7/12
TAGGED arthritis IN Health & Wellness


Does my cat have arthritis?

Gracie broke her leg five years ago she is completely healed now, but she has had on and off limping and she won't let anyone touch her back right…

ASKED BY Gracie on 5/30/11
TAGGED arthritis, limping, leg IN Arthritis

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Nearly 17 year old cat with arthritis pain, unable to visit vet, please help?

Before I begin, I want to state that I know a visit to the vet to be examined would be in the best interest of any elderly pet. If this were an option…

ASKED BY Member 1024973 on 2/27/11
TAGGED elderlyoldarthritis IN Senior Pet

Indiana Angel Cat

My vet just prescribed Metacam and Cosequin for my kitten?

He is not even a year old yet, but his hind legs appeared slighty-bow legged and he has trouble jumping up on high things. The doc. said he has a lot…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 6/28/09
TAGGED bowlegged, spine, jumping, arthritis, pain, inflammation, geneticdisorder IN Medications

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My cat has leg pain,he is 14 yrs old.He keeps jumping on the kitchen counter an off?

he hurt his leg from jumping off of the counter.We try to block the counter but this evening he tried to jump over the block and fell off. now he is…

ASKED BY Member 834739 on 5/9/09
TAGGED whatcanidotoeasethepain, itcouldbehehasatouchofarthritis, wetookhimtothevetandhegaveusdasequinandthatdidhelpsomebutwhenhefelltodayhereinjuredhimself, couldalsobeatouchofarthritiswhichwillnothelpthesituation, allicandoisholdhimandtellhimilovehimbutiknowthatdoe IN Medications

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