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We go south in winter,cat breathes too fast(NOT PANTING). tried many meds.Now Amitriptyline. Anyone had this problem?

We've worked with our vet. Meds either are too strong or make her relax.. then VERY INQUISITIVE..then they wear off too soon. Have tried…

ASKED BY Member 1244060 on 3/20/15
TAGGED travelanxiouscatbreatheswaytoofast IN Car Travel

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What to do about older cat; He acts weird with new kitten around?

The girlfriend and I got a new kitten; She is about half a year old. We were very careful because her roomate (they share a 2 bedroom apartment) has a…

ASKED BY Member 1193307 on 10/7/13
TAGGED integration, newcat, jealous, anxious, stress IN Socialization

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I have a year and 6 month old cat Lucky, he was a very inquisitive cat and got into everything and wasn't ever bothered?

He had never seen a frisbee before but he has seen different things and has never been this afraid of an object before not even the vacuum. I did…

ASKED BY Member 1164341 on 4/9/13
TAGGED nervousanxiousjumpy IN Fears & Phobias


Does anyone know of something that I can give to my 10 yr old grey tabby to help ease her anxiety?

She was first in our family,and has always been the Queen B. We have since added other kitties,and she has handled them all very well.Until…

ASKED BY Kevin on 10/21/12
TAGGED nervous, anxious, older IN Health & Wellness

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I have a new kitten, she is 10 weeks old and has come from a lovely home?

I met her in her old home and she was very loving then and allowed everyone to cuddle her and she didnt so much as meow.i am going to take her to…

ASKED BY Member 1116849 on 6/21/12
TAGGED anxioushissingcryingkitten IN Kittens

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My cat hisses and swats at its tail, doesn't eat wet food, and scavenges people food. Why?

We got this cat as a newborn, found in our backyard. She seemed to be abandoned, and now she's 8 years old with a couple of weird problems. She hisses…

ASKED BY Member 1083743 on 1/11/12
TAGGED hissing, tail, growl, growling, hiss, anxious, anxiety, angry, mad, people, food, not, eating, starve, scavenge, vomiting IN Aggression

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Vocal cat at night; help?

Last week a friend found a stray kitten, around 6 months old, and I took her in. At night before we go to bed she is very vocal and anxious and…

ASKED BY Member 980251 on 4/7/10
TAGGED meowing, noisy, anxious IN Noisiness

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