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Feral cat brought in house and think I made a mistake ....what to do?

I believe I have made a terrible mistake and i don't know what to do....My beloved cat of 16 years had to be euthanized last week due to a thrown…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 2/27/15
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Help with antisocial kittie?

We have two cats, both about one year old. They are both loving and sweet to me and my wife. One of them really loves everyone and everything…

ASKED BY Member 1133286 on 9/28/12
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What to do with a mean, antisocial cat?

My husband’s grandmother died and she had two cats-one as sweet as can be and the other notorious for hissing at all visitors. Well, the sweet cat…

ASKED BY Felix on 7/23/11
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Why is my cat attacking the others after their baths?

I have three cats and they all got along wonderfully. They are all spayed/neutered. But once they got a bath one of them is viciously attacking…

ASKED BY Member 1031114 on 4/19/11
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My Cat follows me everywhere but I don't believe it's because he loves me?

I have a red tabby persian who is 7 months old and he follows me EVERYWHERE. I've looked at the answers for people asking the same question and the…

ASKED BY Member 1015836 on 12/16/10
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