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My cat is acting up pretty badly, any help?

I have three cats, who used to all get along perfectly well. All three are girls. Out of the blue, one has decided she absolutely loathes one of…

ASKED BY Member 1226753 on 5/14/14
TAGGED clawing, hissing, badbehaviour, aggression, anger, scratching IN Aggression

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Is my cat going to be okay if she touched some mold?

For the past 2 weeks or so I only bought enough food to eat during that day, so I didn't use the fridge at all. Today I wanted to store something…

ASKED BY Member 1196134 on 10/25/13
TAGGED mold, danger IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is making odd noises, and I don't know why?

My cat has recently started making low groaning noises and once, hissing, at my cousin who has arrived from China. He never did this before, even to…

ASKED BY Member 1181066 on 7/18/13
TAGGED groaning, noises, hissing, strangers IN Noisiness


Hi I have 3 cats, 2 females and 1 male. my oldest cat fraidy who was a stray is now aggressive towards my other female?

ive had my youngest girl the longest and then I ended up with my friends kitten who's 4 months old now. everything was fine even when we took in…

ASKED BY Afraid on 1/26/13
TAGGED feral, rescue, anger IN Aggression

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My cats are fighting strangely?

I have two male cats, both from the same litter and are a year old. One is Siamese, one plain black. The black on, Ninja, is normally my loud, howler…

ASKED BY Member 1147930 on 1/2/13
TAGGED angry, social, brothers, anger, attacking IN Socialization

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I have cats that don't get along at all?

Well, I've asked on a few others sites and have yet to get any replies... So I thought I'd try here, even though I'm attempting to take a break from…

ASKED BY Member 1142210 on 11/25/12
TAGGED fighting, anger, aggression, behavior IN Aggression


When will my kittens stop being so reckless?

I have two 3 1/2 month old kittens. They have their own bedroom because I can't trust them to not hurt themselves and the rest of the house while…

ASKED BY Lilly on 6/26/12
TAGGED kittens, dangerous, reckless IN Health & Safety

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My cat will fall over onto his front left shoulder, seemingly on purpose, is he in danger of hurting himself?

Sometimes when i approach him and other times unprovoked he will "plop" down onto his front left shoulder, kind of hard, and then roll onto his back…

ASKED BY Member 1014484 on 12/7/11
TAGGED fallsdown, shoulder, dangerous IN Other Behavior & Training

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