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What can I give my Bengal to disolve a calcium type bladder stone? I'm looking for a safe natural remedy?

My Bengal has been diagnosed with a calcium type bladder stone. Vet says they don't know what causes it and hopes it will pass on it's own. Can…

ASKED BY Member 1089459 on 2/3/12
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My cat is very ill, she won't get up, eat, and she stares in space.I have an aloe plant and poinsetta, is that it?

I took her to the vet and they ran tests and they were cluess. She's only 22mths old and is a housecat. Up to date on vaccines and was perfectly…

ASKED BY Member 915300 on 11/10/09
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Is Aloe truly bad for cats?

I love to eat, or let me rephrase, devour, plants. Ivy plants are one of my favorites. I also enjoy aloe. Last week I threw up two hairballs, which…

ASKED BY Betty on 10/6/08
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