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Uncontrollableble Hair Balls?

Hello! I have 2 cats (about 3 years old) they're domestic shorthairs. They both are crazy, loveable, energetic cats; however, one has major…

ASKED BY Member 1214794 on 3/7/14
TAGGED hairball, regurgitation, vomit IN Shedding

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Has anyone flown Southwest?

Hi everyone, I'm flying with my two cats on Southwest airlines next week. This will be my first experience both flying with Southwest and flying…

ASKED BY Member 1205210 on 12/20/13
TAGGED travel, airline, southwest, flying IN Air Travel

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My cat has fleas which won't go, and I have used recommended shoes to stop him scratching which made his feet swell help?

My cat has fleas which I cannot get rid of. I have tried everything and they will not go. I am assuming he is allergic as he has lost all fur on his…

ASKED BY Member 1201297 on 11/25/13
TAGGED cat, fleas, swollenfeet, blood, hairloss, wounds, excessivegrooming, constantscratching, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness

Don Piano

Anybody know what kind of kitty this is?

We adopted this beauty almost a year ago (he is now 1 year old). People that see him have all kinds of reactions: "Oh, you have a Maine Coon??" or "Is…

ASKED BY Don Piano on 11/8/13
TAGGED breed, mix, cat, kitten, longhair IN Breeds

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What carrier should I use for my two cats?

I am moving from NC to WA. I have two kittens. Midnight is 9 months old and Frosty is 6 months old. they are both quite big already. I want to make…

ASKED BY Member 1198011 on 11/6/13
TAGGED carrier, airline, travel IN Air Travel


Shouldn't Yuki already be in heat?

Yuki is already 7 months old, nearly 8 and she should be going into heat soon, right? I've seen kittens as young as 4 or 5 months go into heat but…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/31/13
TAGGED heat, kittens, months, breeding, breed, breeds, care, male, female, kitten, cat, british, shorthair IN Health & Safety

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My cat holds my hair in his mouth?

I got my 2 cats (they are br I others) at 8 weeks old. One cat Zim, immediately started pawing & nestling in my hair. I would always remove him and…

ASKED BY Member 1195744 on 10/23/13
TAGGED humanhair, behavior, wierd IN Other Behavior & Training

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