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My cat suddenly attacked my dog why?

Kitty has suddenly viciously attacked Zuma(Female dog, Belgian Sheperd) for no apparent reason. They have lived together for two years and have…

ASKED BY Member 1245558 on 4/22/15
TAGGED agression, cat, dog, problem IN Aggression

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Help!! What to do when the stronger brothet keeps hurting his weaker brother?

I have(had) 3 cats, the mother, and her 2 sons. One of the sons is way more masculine and stronger than the other. They started fighting and the…

ASKED BY Member 1244128 on 3/23/15
TAGGED agression, brothers, fight, family IN Aggression

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How do I get all my cats to live happily together again?

Four of my cats were petrified when their buddy, Jack, came home with an e-collar after dental work. They saw him, smelled him and ran into the…

ASKED BY Member 978189 on 4/29/13
TAGGED fear, agression IN Socialization

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I am having a problem with a male Bengal cat trying to mate with my two other male cats. All three cats are neutered?

The Bengal is quite persistant and agressive which results in raw bit marks on the victems necks. Any help would be appreciated.

ASKED BY Member 1156328 on 2/21/13
TAGGED rape, male, cat, mating, agression IN Other Behavior & Training

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Female cat attacking male cat?

I have 4 cats, 3 female and 1 male. The female in that is bullying/attacking is 10 and fixed, the male is 4 and fixed. The male has been in the…

ASKED BY Member 1153193 on 2/2/13
TAGGED behavior, attacking, agression IN Aggression

Sweet Pea

I've taken a stray into my home & after about a month he started being extremely agressive towards my original two cats?

Its been 6 months now. I cannot let him be w/the others, so he stays in a spare bedroom where I've installed a screen door. I think its unfair for him…

ASKED BY Sweet Pea on 11/15/12
TAGGED agression, rehoming, behavior IN Aggression

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Making kitty nicer?

my cat, a seven y/o calico tabby, has some serious tempermental issues. my family wants to bring a puppy into our house, but whenever Mischief (our…

ASKED BY Member 1134802 on 10/8/12
TAGGED training, mean, puppy, agression, cat, nasty IN Aggression

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Myself, my two chihuahuas and my cat were in front of our house. My cat is very friendly with dogs?

A woman came by walking her shepard mix. my cat went after the shepard. the shepard started to get agressive when he realized my cat was not playing…

ASKED BY Member 1121072 on 7/17/12
TAGGED cat, agression, protecting IN Behavior & Training

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