My mom fell in love with a man who doesnt like cats. I hissed but my mom's boyfriend didn't understand to stop so I bit?

and scratched him. I am 7 yrs old and have also been aggressive with others in the family, I am like an attack cat. I am extremely loyal and…

ASKED BY Jenny on 2/10/13
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Female cat won't tolerate male cat after being left on screen porch over night by accident?

We left my 10 yr old female cat on screen porch about 10 hours last night by accident. We let her in, my male cat ran outside. My female cat hung…

ASKED BY Member 1114902 on 6/10/12
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Indiana Angel Cat

Has anyone had to sedate their kitty with gas at the Vet?

My kitten needs to have some x-rays done to check a possible spinal problem, but he was very aggitated at the vet, during his first appointment, so…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 7/1/09
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