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Existing cat is acting extremely aggressively towards our new cat?

Hi, we already have two female cats, a 9 and a 3 year old. On Wednesday we picked up a 5 year old male cat, and so far he has been kept in a bedroom…

ASKED BY Member 1185887 on 8/16/13
TAGGED newcat, adoption, spayed, aggressive, fighting IN Adoption & Rescue

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We have a 6 month old cat which I rescued at about 4 weeks, probably dumped --- She is growing and very healthy appearin?

Absolutely!!!! She acts like she is playing, but she is drawing blood..... We have not seen a vet yet.

ASKED BY Member 1158872 on 3/14/13
TAGGED mooldcat, female, hasbecometooaggressivetokeepinside, biting, attacking, predatorytohumans IN Behavior & Training

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Neutered kitten humping another male cat?

One of my 6-month old neutered male kittens - the one I would otherwise believe to be the "runt" - has recently begun humping one of his brothers…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 2/28/13
TAGGED humping, aggressive, aggression IN Aggression


My mom fell in love with a man who doesnt like cats. I hissed but my mom's boyfriend didn't understand to stop so I bit?

and scratched him. I am 7 yrs old and have also been aggressive with others in the family, I am like an attack cat. I am extremely loyal and…

ASKED BY Jenny on 2/10/13
TAGGED momlovesaggressivecat, boyfrienddoesnt IN Answers

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Overly aggressive player with a bit of a mean streak...what should I do?

I have 4 cats in my home, 2 females and 2 males. My females are older (10 and 6) and my males are almost a year. All neutered and indoors. One of…

ASKED BY Member 1154174 on 2/8/13
TAGGED aggressive, mean, male, female, help, bite, slap, dominant, wild IN Behavior & Training

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How can I encourage my kittens to get on better?

Hi I have two kittens, one female who is 10 weeks and one male who is 6 weeks. I bought the female two weeks ago and the male only on the Friday just…

ASKED BY Member 1145575 on 12/17/12
TAGGED kitten, fighting, aggressive, beatsup, getalongbetter, help IN Behavior & Training

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How do i get my kitten to stop being so mean? and how do i get him to sleep at night?

we just recently found out or kitten is male. but he is so mean, with the biting chewing and clawing my furniture... he has plenty toys. the squirt…

ASKED BY Member 1143195 on 12/1/12
TAGGED aggressivekitties IN Behavior & Training

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Cat behavior help!! Acts differently around others?

I have been living in an apartment with a cat for about five months now. Though she is not my cat, I have been treating her as my own and often…

ASKED BY Member 1139943 on 11/10/12
TAGGED bipolar, behavior, crazy, aggressive, personality, change IN Aggression

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