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Moved house, female cat already there, I bought my 2 cats. All neutered, my female is being aggressive to her brother?

1. All neutered 2. Savannah is kept separate from tabitha and roco 3 tabitha and roco have been always close both now 1.5 years old 4. Since the…

ASKED BY Member 632411 on 10/26/13
TAGGED help, advice, aggressive, movedhouse, growling, hissing, related IN Aggression

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My sweet cat suddenly started to viciously attack me, why? Can I have hope and no fear?

Two weeks ago, my cat attacked me for the first time. She viciously attacked me after I walked by her. My boyfriend had to get her off of me. She…

ASKED BY Member 1196176 on 10/25/13
TAGGED female, aggressive, aggression, attack, badbehavior, femalecat IN Aggression

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My awesome eight-month-old cat is incredibly aggressive?

She attacks randomly (for example, if I'm lying in bed, she'll wrap herself around my calf and start biting). She seems to want attention, but when…

ASKED BY Member 1192355 on 9/30/13
TAGGED aggressive, confused, playtime IN Behavior & Training

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I adopted a three year old male named Trevor about two years ago. He is a domestic shorthair and is the friendliest cat?

Trevor is nice to everyone he meets and is very affectionate. However, when my brother walks into the same room as him or God forbid tries to pet him…

ASKED BY Member 1188168 on 9/2/13
TAGGED aggressive, confusion, friendliness IN Aggression

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Why are our cats more aggressive with each other now and how can we fix it?

Two of our cats have been fighting recently. They've never been best friends, but they've lived together for 2 years now and have been fighting a…

ASKED BY Member 1187392 on 8/27/13
TAGGED aggressivebehavior, fighting IN Behavior & Training

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Existing cat is acting extremely aggressively towards our new cat?

Hi, we already have two female cats, a 9 and a 3 year old. On Wednesday we picked up a 5 year old male cat, and so far he has been kept in a bedroom…

ASKED BY Member 1185887 on 8/16/13
TAGGED newcat, adoption, spayed, aggressive, fighting IN Adoption & Rescue

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We have a 6 month old cat which I rescued at about 4 weeks, probably dumped --- She is growing and very healthy appearin?

Absolutely!!!! She acts like she is playing, but she is drawing blood..... We have not seen a vet yet.

ASKED BY Member 1158872 on 3/14/13
TAGGED mooldcat, female, hasbecometooaggressivetokeepinside, biting, attacking, predatorytohumans IN Behavior & Training

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Neutered kitten humping another male cat?

One of my 6-month old neutered male kittens - the one I would otherwise believe to be the "runt" - has recently begun humping one of his brothers…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 2/28/13
TAGGED humping, aggressive, aggression IN Aggression

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