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Please help me to take the best care of my Cullen without upsetting him?

Any advice or tips welcome. My cat loves playing outside but he has injured his pelvis/leg and the vet has told me I have to keep him in 1 room…

ASKED BY Member 1259562 on 5/5/16
TAGGED pelvis, legs, cage, immobility, vet, sadcat, depression, anxiety IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have a 6 month old kitten with nerve damage to her bladder and anus from a tail injury (tail was amputated)?

We have seen two vets, the first said there was nothing we could do, I'd just have to live with it. The second said that we could try Proin, a…

ASKED BY Member 1232108 on 1/6/15
TAGGED injury, tail, nervedamage, kitten, urinary, urinate IN Health & Wellness

Pokey (In Loving Memory)

I want to add page to website for new kitten?

I have a url for my cat Pokey that has passed over the rainbow bridge. I just got a new kitten and want to add a page for her. How do I do that?

ASKED BY Pokey (In Loving Memory) on 12/18/13
TAGGED addpage IN Pet Page

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Age of male kitten able to bred. born in early july now middle of Nov?

have a male kitten inside with 3 unaltered females, having to wait to spay him, he is now about 5 months, first part of july to middle of nov. 2013…

ASKED BY Member 1199833 on 11/17/13
TAGGED kitten, breeding, age IN Kittens

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What are end stage signs of FIP (wet)?

My cat age 4 now was diagnosed with FIP (wet) this last year was advised by 2 seperate vets that there is nothing that can be done. that to only…

ASKED BY Member 1198381 on 11/8/13
TAGGED fip, end, stage, signs, symptoms IN Other Health & Wellness


Strange growth/discoloration on the cornea of his eye?

I was looking at my cat's eye earlier and noticed that he had a discoloration in the cornea of his eye. It's a blood red color about the size of a bb…

ASKED BY Thor on 10/26/13
TAGGED eye, discoloration, cornea, bb, bloodred, damage, cat IN Other Health & Wellness

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Katt is acting fine but hasn't passed string, we're at 66 hours in?

On Thursday night Katt ate just under 18" of hemp twine, it could have just been in pieces, there were some strands littered about - but I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1188088 on 9/1/13
TAGGED cat, string, intestines, stool, gastrointestinal, obstruction, linear, blockage, kitty, ate IN Health & Wellness

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What OTC flea product would be best for my 11 week old 3.5 lb Oriental kitten?

I have an 11 week old 3.5lb Oriental/Norwegian Forest Cat kitten and was wondering what the best flea prevention would be for him. I know that…

ASKED BY Member 1187406 on 8/27/13
TAGGED flea, frontline, advantage, oriental, norwegianforestcat IN Flea & Tick Protection

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