I think we introduced our new cat to our current cats too soon, what do we do?

So we have Aurora (a girl tabby) who is 11 years old and not the most friendly of cats but she mostly just keeps to herself. We have Miles (a boy…

ASKED BY Miles on 5/1/14
TAGGED introduction, new, adoption, behavior IN Aggression

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Adopted 3 year old cat ALWAYS hides?

Hello! This is my first time on this website. I have a 3 year old tortoiseshell calico mix. Her previous owner was neglectful, wouldn't come…

ASKED BY Member 1215586 on 3/12/14
TAGGED hiding, moving, adoption, neglect IN Behavior & Training

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My cat is very difficult and not very loving. After 3 years she isnt going to change.Should I take her back?

She will let me pet her if i am in the bathroom or she is on the floor upside down, but when I pet her tummy she will bite and scratch me and draw…

ASKED BY Member 1215454 on 3/11/14
TAGGED behavior, adoption, affection IN Adoption & Rescue

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Should I fly my kitty overseas or rehome?

I have to move overseas and would appreciate any advice. I adopted my sweet kitty from a shelter two years ago. We immediately bonded and I have…

ASKED BY Member 1203341 on 12/8/13
TAGGED travel, flight, rehome, rescue, adoption, move IN Air Travel

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How do I transport a litter of kittens safely in a carrier?

I foster litters of kittens for a local shelter, and lately the strain of carrying the mama cat and 3-6+ growing kittens in one (very large…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 11/6/13
TAGGED rescue, adoption, carriers, kittens, litters, transport IN Adoption & Rescue

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New cat is unhappy, very afraid, won't eat, drink, hasn't used litter?

My partner and I adopted a new exotic short hair yesterday who is 11 months old - she was sent to us via plane and since she's been here she has…

ASKED BY Member 1197313 on 11/2/13
TAGGED food, depression, water, adoption IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Is it necessary to bring kitten to vet after adoption?

I've adopted two kittens at my local SPCA (Montreal) and am a first time pet owner. I'm excited but am wondering if I should bring my two kittens to…

ASKED BY Member 1195946 on 10/24/13
TAGGED adoption, kitten, vet, checkup, vaccinations IN Health & Wellness

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