Is our kitty a Norwegian Forest Cat or appear to be a mix?

When we adopted him he was quite small, grey & white, and short haired. He now looks bluefish/silver, he's pretty big for a 6 month old (already 10…

ASKED BY Chaos on 12/31/13
TAGGED norwegianforestcat, adopted, identify IN Breeds J-Z

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New cat vomitting?

i adopted my cat day before yesterday. i took her for a bath yesterday to a clinic which is far from my house. she vomited when she came home n…

ASKED BY Member 1197375 on 11/3/13
TAGGED adoptedcat, travel, bath, vomit, sick IN Cats & Kids


I want to know the breed of my cat?

hi there , i have a cat that i adopted in about 1 year , but until now i dont know her breed , here is her pic and if anyone can at least guide me…

ASKED BY Soso on 8/24/13
TAGGED breed, adopted IN The Adoption Process


Does my Kitten eat too much?

I just adopted little Artemis not even a week ago, and as far as I and his previous owner have determined, he is about 6 weeks old. He's very playful…

ASKED BY Artemis on 7/6/13
TAGGED overeating, kitten, adopted, help, food, wetfood IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Urinating in bed?

I have a three year old mix, mostly Siamese/Rag Doll, who pees on my bed almost every day. Not at night but in the day time. I've even switched beds…

ASKED BY Member 1150925 on 1/20/13
TAGGED help, urinating, adopted IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My cat uses and sleeps in his litter box. Then he will come in and deposit feces on a bed or by a door. Suggestions?

We inherited this cat from mom. He never fit in the already cat &dog family and marked as well as urinated and pooped on beds and other soft areas…

ASKED BY Member 1146217 on 12/21/12
TAGGED overweight, bathroom, adopted, shy IN Behavior & Training

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I adopted Cleo last week, and for the first few days she was very affectionate. Recently though she has started biting?

She has been to the vet recently, and has been spayed. So I'm guessing it is not a medical issue. She will bite during play, though I use toys for her…

ASKED BY Member 1144629 on 12/10/12
TAGGED biting, training, adopted IN Aggression

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Im relocating 2 a diffrnt area,n mines an adopted street cat,how do we take it der?is it safe?do i leave it here?

My cat was from a litter of 3, n its mother was a street cat who v used to feed. dis was d only cat who stayed back, it used to be th its mom n den…

ASKED BY Member 1126340 on 8/18/12
TAGGED relocation, adopted, safe IN Other Travel & Recreation

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