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Cat hit by car, x-rays show no breaks but her legs still won't move/respond?

My 1 year old kitty was hit by a car yesterday morning. She could only move her front legs and her back legs just flopped around. The x-rays showed no…

ASKED BY Lily on 3/3/15
TAGGED car, accident, spine, spinal, injury, trauma, paralysed, nerve, neurological IN Emergencies & First Aid

Guest Member Since

Why are my cat's claws all splintered?

All of his front claws on both sides are splintered to pieces. He doesn't like me touching his back legs (ever, under any circumstances) so I can't…

ASKED BY Member 1171605 on 5/23/13
TAGGED claws, accident IN Other Health & Wellness


My 13 week old kitten has "accidents" on the bed at night, what can I do?

My 13 week old kitten hardly has any accidents outside of her litter box. However some nights she enjoys playing in the box (literally rolling…

ASKED BY Benz on 12/2/12
TAGGED night, accidents, litterbox IN Kittens

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My cat has a swollen jaw; what should we do?

My cat escaped last night, and returned early this morning with a swollen jaw. It started out swollen on mostly one side, but has now become…

ASKED BY Member 1119432 on 7/7/12
TAGGED cat, swollen, jaw, emergency, accident, sick, drooling, drool, lethargy IN Emergencies & First Aid

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How do you apologize to a cat for a foot accident?

How do you apologize to a cat? Both of mine are stereotypes based on similar cats I have met in the past. One is black and she has a typical…

ASKED BY Member 1104382 on 4/5/12
TAGGED kick, accident, fear IN Other Behavior & Training

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I cleaned the litter box and about an hour later my kitty pooped on the mat in front of it?

my cat sometimes poops on the mat in front of the litter box. there isnt a particular pattern when he does it. the last time he did this it had only…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 12/6/11
TAGGED accidents, litterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

Black Thorne

Can I make my cat comfortable in the car?

When i first got him I used a box that had some holes, he quickly grew to dislike and fear the box. Also he grew out of it, Last year we had to move…

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 2/27/11
TAGGED help, carrier, vet, car, driving, fear, case, safety, accident, prevention IN Fears & Phobias

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