I found a stray nursing cat but no babies. Any tips to find her babies?

I found a cat last week in my drive way. She appears under one year old. I called her over, she is very affectionate. I fed her, she was so hungry…

ASKED BY Sadie 23 hours, 46 minutes ago
TAGGED kittens, stray, nursing, lost IN Kittens

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Cat recently diagnosed with CRF?

I am new to this. I took my cat the the emergency vet last Sunday because he suddenly stopped eating and drinking and started vomiting up foam. They…

ASKED BY Member 1049926 4 days, 17 hours ago
TAGGED chronocrenalfailure, crf, hydration IN Illness & Disease

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My cat ate string! What should I do?

My 2.5 YO ragdoll ate some cotton string a couple of hours ago. I was sewing something while she was asleep in another room, left briefly to get…

ASKED BY Member 1249720 6 days, 4 hours ago
TAGGED string, thread, swallowed IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


Does anyone have a suggestion on how handle shedding of a cat with extremely sensitive skin? Brushing irritates her ski?

Sophie can't handle much if any brushing, and the last grooming attempt caused a herpes flare up from the stress. She is on a hypoallergenic diet…

ASKED BY Sophie 1 week ago
TAGGED sensitiveskin, allergies IN Grooming

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Why is my cat so tempermental?

My baby girl Lilly has always been a bit tempermental but overall she is a very good cat. But she really likes trying to slip past you when you open…

ASKED BY Member 1249668 1 week ago
TAGGED outdoorbehaviour, tempermental, bratty, attitude, jumping, hissing, growling IN Aggression

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Help with Male Cat peeing?

hello cat lovers! I have been having a issues with my adult male cat who is new (2 months) to the house. he is the only cat. he does use his litter…

ASKED BY Member 1249547 1 week, 3 days ago
TAGGED pee, male IN Behavior & Training

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Helping cats adjust to a new home?

I unexpectedly took in 2 cats who were going to be thrown away by their owner. I have them in a spare bedroom with everything they need and I check on…

ASKED BY Member 1249511 1 week, 4 days ago
TAGGED food, newhome, water, dogsandcats IN Adoption & Rescue

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