Yellowed white fur on feet--cleaning solutions?

I posted this on the Grooming Forum as well, but since Grooming doesn't get too much traffic, I thought I'd post it here, too. Lowell (one of Chibi's children) is going to be in a cat show next weekend, but the bottoms of his white feet have become terribly yellowed from my not too clean floors and from stepping on stuff in the litter boxes (yes, I scoop whenever I see something in there, but I can't be next to the litter box 24/7). I gave him a thorough shampoo yesterday, and although I used Groomer's Goop, 2 kinds of whitening shampoo, and a white vinegar rinse, his paws are still yellowed. I'm thinking of using The Furminator and/or cat fur clippers to make the fur on the backs of his feet shorter--maybe that would help. I've also been thinking of buying the liquid used to remove pet tear stains. I hate to shame myself by putting an improperly groomed cat into the ring. Does anybody have a solution?

Asked by Chibi on Apr 18th 2010 in Other Grooming
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try baking soda ! it cleans everything and its not harmful to pets ! mix it either with warm water or vinager !

Luke answered on 4/22/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer