Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud

Would a raised dish help my older cat eat more?

I'm Molly. I'm "about 10" (a lady never tells!) with early signs of kidney failure, and my carer is concerned that I might have something called Arthur Itis. Never heard of him before, but she says she thinks I don't eat as much as I should because my dish is on the floor and this Arthur fellow makes my back hurt.

I don't like to drink water from the bottom of our fountain either. Only the top near my face. And I eat more when my dish is on a raised surface. But, I climb and jump fabulously, in spite of -ahem- maturing gracefully.

(Would a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement be a good addition to her diet?

Are there any herbs/supplements I can add to help her feel better?

Note: I have to feed some kibble because she's reluctant to eat wet food without it, but the majority of her calories come from canned food. We also have a fountain for their water to slow down the kidney problems.)

Asked by Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged seniorpet, arthritis, feeding, jointpain, eatinghabits in Senior Pet
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I really think Molly should be seen by a veterinarian for a "senior" check-up. Yes, maybe she has arthritis, but I wouldn't be giving her any herbs or supplements without consulting with a vet. She is most likely due for a blood work-up to see what her kidney, liver and thyroid functions are, as well as her glucose reading to make sure she isn't diabetic. Only your vet can recommend a proper diet and meds after evaluating her and running some diagnostic tests. I wish you and Molly all the best. Please schedule an appointment for her to be checked out soon.

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