Will wax make my kitten sick or dangerously ill?

I have a 8 month old kitten, he spilled wax from a wax warmer on himself, my friend and I got most of it, the worst stuff, off. But he still has some on his paws, and we can't get to it because the fur is too close to his skin. So he's proceeding to lick it off of his paws. I'm a very worried mommy right now, so calm answers would be appreciated (: He seems to be doing fine, just a bit worn out from fighting us to get away. Will he be ok, there's not A LOT on his paws, but i'm still worried.
Thank you, Alexis & Koda

Asked by Kodiak on Feb 22nd 2013 Tagged wax, sick, ill, worried, very in Illness & Disease
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