Misty May

Will my cat die if I leave??


I have a cat who i've taken care of for almost 3 years. She is afraid of absolutely everything. She hides whenever company is over, or even when my brother comes home. she follows me from room to room and seems to need me emotionally.

I have a once in a life time chance to go to Europe for several months with a man i am very in love with. ....but i am SO afraid that she won't be able to handle it. my only option is to leave her with a friend and she is scared of other people. will she think i abandoned her? will she die from depression? will she escape and run away? will she hate me when i come back? is it possible for cats to die from stress? PLEASE help!!!!!

Asked by Misty May on Apr 21st 2013 in Travel & Recreation
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If your friend is knowledgeable about cats, this will help. The best way for someone else to keep a cat like this while you're away would be to keep the cat in an extra large plastic dog crate, the biggest size. Put the cat's bed in the back and the litter pan in the front of the crate and the food and water dishes near the front. Cover the crate with a blanket so it's all dark except for the door. Keep the crate in an out of the way area of a room where the cat can see and hear what's going on but not be in the middle of everything. The cat will feel safe in a crate set up like this. She will be able to hide in the back of the crate in the bed while the person fills the food dish, changes the water, or changes or cleans the litter at the front. It is possible but rare for a cat to die from illness indirectly caused by stress or depression and/or failure to eat. Cats like this can also sometimes suprise you by adjusting fine when least expected to!

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