Will a mother cat adopt another cats kittens?

My family found a kitten in our car.she is about 6 weeks old. We know her mother is a wild cat that lives next door. Now the same mother cat has moved two other kittens in there. They are definatly not as old as the first kitten, but there eyes have opened. Could she have tacken another cats kittens?
P.s. we are going to keep the first kitten and find homes for the outher kittens when they are old enouf. We are also going to try to catch the mother cat and have her fixed.

Asked by Member 1108157 on Apr 28th 2012 Tagged kittens, wildcats, mothercats in Shelters & Rescue
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You are doing the right thingCats have been known to raise opposiums, squirrels, puppies. Rats etc... as their own. They are #1 as surraget mothers no I can't spell either

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