Why Won't my kitten stop eating?

My 5mo kitten will not stop eating, we have dry kitten food at the ready at all times but he will not touch it. we giver him wet food 3 times a day and he likes that pretty well but heres the off part. everytime we have a family meal my kitten will steal right off your plate, he will litereally charge your plate to knock it on the floor then scarf up anything and everything he can. he sneaks the runs, charges its awful! ive tried the squirt bottle the positive reinforcment. and feeding him wet food the same time we eat and to no avail. i've also caught him eating our other cats vomit as well as the other cats feces! im at my wits end. please someone help me. he is such a sweet heart i dont want to get rid of him but i dont know what else to do.

Asked by Member 1167736 on Apr 29th 2013 in Pet Food
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Have your kitten vet checked. tell your vet your kitten is eating feces etc, & make sure there are no medical problems, no internal parasites, etc. Follow your vet's recommendations as to treatment and also make sure you're feeding a high quality dry kitten food that will adequately meet your kitten's needs.

Then when it's time for a family meal, simply put the kitten in a crate or shut him in a bathroom or other room at mealtimes and don't let him out until the meal is finished.

Canned air makes a good kitty discipline tool, you don't squirt it on the kitten, you just squirt it in the air near the kitten. It's the hissing sound of the canned air that cats respect.

With other cats in your house, I don't see how you can tell whether or not your kitten is eating the dry kitten food. He may also be eating the adult cats dry food. They are also probably eating the kitten food.

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Orion Hemingway

If you look at the protein in a serving of canned cat food, it's about 9%. That goes up to 27% or more for dry kibble. Children might want to eat ice cream 3x a day, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. Chances are, your kitten prefers the taste of wet, but needs the protein in dry food. Locking a kitten in a room is not going to work when it's bigger, so a good deterrent is to fill that water bottle up with 1/3 white vinegar and the rest water next time. Water is just an air mist, but white vinegar is a harmless deterrent and it helps with fleas too. Try a dry kitten food with higher protein like the new Natural Choice by Nutro, and mix in the wet. While wet food is good to help with water intake, it should be a supplement of the kitty's diet, not the mainstay. I'd also start Feline Greenies (dental treats) when your kitten is 6 months old to clean the wet food off of his teeth, or you are going to have some dental bills in his future.

Orion Hemingway answered on 6/19/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Cats can't tell you when their stomachs hurt but dry food can cause irritable bowels and other health issues. You have a good opportunity to get your kitten to eat properly because he is so young. Cats are obligate carnivores with short digestive tracks. Dry food is high carb and is difficult to digest. Remove the dry food if you don't want serious health issues later like Irritable Bowel Disease and kidney problems. Diabetes in cats on the rise and many can go off insulin by transitioning a cat off dry food to a low carb, grain-free canned food. Cats should get hydration through their food not from a bowl. I disagree with anyone who says that wet food should only be a treat and not a mainstay. Please I urge you to do the research provided on or My cats are incredibly healthy and no longer have any health issues due to transitioning them to a raw diet.

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