Why is she so mean?

My kitten Zoe is about 8 months old. I got her at 9 weeks. She was born outside and was considered feral.When she was younger, she was easier to hold and she would occassionally lay with me. When I moved into my new place, I figured I woudl just let her do her own thing to get used to it all. She would hide under the couch and only come out to eat. Now we have 4 cats and they all play together but when I try to catch her to put on her flea medicine or take her to the vet, I end up with bites and scratches. Shes just plain mean! She has bitten so hard that she's broken skin. I thought eventually she would grow out of this fear but she hasn't and I've had enough. I love her but I can't take anymore. I know if I give her to someone, they will take her to the pound eventually and they would put her down due to her behaviour. Is this something that she will eventually get over or am I stuck with a scared, mean little creature?? Help!

Asked by Zoe on Jun 3rd 2011 Tagged biting, scratching, kitten, agressive, mean, feral in Aggression
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Izadore (Izzie)

First, whenever there is a change in behavior, we always suggest a trip to the vet. If Zoe has not been vetted and/or spayed, this may help with her aggression. She is one of a fairly large group of cats in your home, and she may have gone back to her roots. She may have decided she prefers their feline company to human. Zoe may have been overwhelmed by moving to a new home, especially if it was quite large with many new smells, etc. A feral cat's social skill can be more fragile than a domesticated cat. They tend to be more fearful of new things. She is still very young. It sounds as though she may have been coming into her own, and just as that was happening, you added more cats to your family AND moved. This is a lot for a feral cat to accept. I would not give up on her. Cats who are given up for being shy and/or aggressive are very hard to rehome. Speak with your vet about reinforcing her social skills. You must use patience and kindness and give her time to adapt.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 6/3/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Check your local listings for the Animal Planet channel for a program called "My Cat from Hell" Don't be put off by the title. The guy is a cat behaviorist and it is really interesting to see how he works with these people who are at their wits end with cat issues. I saw an episode last night that dealt with a feral cat that people had been attempting to foster but had been misinformed about how domesticated the cat was when they got her. She wanted nothing to do with humans at all and he really helped turn her around. You can get some really great tips and ideas on how NOT to do things in these situations and how he believes cats react and view their human's actions and misguided attempts to "train" them. I do not have these types of issues but I find it interesting to watch and very informative.

Allie answered on 6/3/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer