Why is my kittens nose runny and sound congested?

My kitten is roughly nine to ten weeks old. He was born in a house with roughly 70 other cats, (a hoarders house). Pet pals got involved and treated some for upper respiratory infections. My kitten has been taking a goopy ointment in the eye. His eyes are fine now but his nose is still runny a bit and it comes out with a yellowish stain on his fur under his nostrils. When he breathes through his nose, sometimes it sounds like his nose is congested. What does this mean? I don't have money to take him to a vet. This could be just allergy and I can buy something at a store for 20 bucks the most. I don't feel like spending over 200 dollars to tell me its allergys. He's eating fine and drinking. He's a lovable play full cat. Is this allergy and if so what can I do to treat it

Asked by Member 1174626 on Jun 9th 2013 in Health & Safety
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Orion Hemingway

Tell your vet that your cat has clear upper respiratory signs and that you need a prescription of clavamax. Most vets will not dispense without seeing the animal if they don't know you. Why did you get a kitten if you can't afford it, because they need shots for immunity, or are you planning to give them yourself as well? Mucus is not from an allergy, it is a sign that something is wrong... and if you ignore it your kitten can become Very sick. He might have worms, fleas, ticks, fungi (transmittable to humans) and a host of other things that require medicine as well. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for a clean vet bill of health. There are also low-cost community vets that travel, and we suggest that you look into one. ^_^

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