Coffee Cake

Why is my kitten chewing and swallowing the oddest things?

Coffee Cake has been swallowing yarn, rubber bands, sistal rope and nibbles on wires, cords, shoelaces, my chair, bags and even steals food off my plate before I can finish blinking. If she's teething, this is the craziest I've ever seen in all my decades as a pet owner. What is Pica? I thought it was clay related, but I'm beggining to think otherwise.

Asked by Coffee Cake on Feb 20th 2012 Tagged cords, yarn, wires, swallow in Behavior & Training
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It sounds to me more like a teething issue than pica. It's not unusual for a teething kitten to chew on most of the things that you've mentioned, although the yarn and rubber bands are concerning. Why are these potentially dangerous items left out within her reach in the first place? Since she's chewing on cords and rope and other items that probably feel good on her gums, she's probably doing this with the yarn and rubber bands too, but she swallows them because they are small.

I suggest that you get some appropriate teething toys for her, and distract her with the toys when you see her chewing on something she shouldn't. I found plastic drinking straws to be very effective for both my cats when they were teething, as well as rope toys.

As far as stealing food, again this doesn't seem unusual to me. As human food can be dangerous to cats, I suggest that you close her out of the kitchen when you prepare or eat food. It sounds as if she needs to be better supervised overall.

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Pica is disorder found in all species including humans. People suffering from pica have been known to eat several toothbrushs, nails, light bulbs, batteries coins. Whatever They can. I had a chocolate lab with this problem. Never grew out of it, but never needed removal surgery. This is not always the case. More common in canines and humans surgery is often the only way to save them. My current cat was caught eating aluminium screen, twistys, artificial plants, artificial moss etc. He seems to have grown out of it for the most part. Keep an eye out for stuff. Moth balls keep them away from fake plants. Skip real ones all together. My Max is now 15 and not as onery. But if my 17 yr son's on the computer not paying attention to him Max will act like he's eating a fake plant so Ryan will jump up to stop him(Max pukes this stuff up) some times he'll get Ryan to jump up 6 or 7times. Good kitty oh yeah they never stop eating off your plate

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